UX UI Design & Brand Identity

What are we doing?

Interactive website and mobile prototypes

Almost like a real product, the prototype is great for early feedback, beta testing, and even for selling the ideas of your application.

Brand Identity, or Corporate Identity.

We express your brand vision with a single product style that encompasses your logo, infographic, and color scheme.

UX / UI Design

We develop user interfaces for mobile and web applications that are simple, intuitive and visually appealing.

We use a number of methods to understand how to solve problems and captivate customers.

Дизайн процесс



At this stage, we recognize our client and his project. We discuss the background of our customers, the idea of their product, the main characteristics of the product, product positioning, target audience and desired results


We carefully study the design documentation, communicate more with our client and conduct a thorough study of the market and competitors. We collect and organize all the possible information that may be needed when creating the product.


We search and prepare links to the user interface and create panoramas. Then the client gives feedback on what he likes and what he wants to change, so that we know which way to go. After that, we create the very first concepts. Usually this is one or two screens showing the interface and functionality of the application.

Interface Design

Now we are developing an up-to-date interface. We draw screens and create animated prototypes. Thus, our client can test the interface before developing the application itself. At the very end, the entire customer-approved user interface is uploaded to Invision for further collaboration with developers.

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