The sales funnel for art gallery

A key concern, is its promotion online after creating the art gallery. If he will not know, and sales will not. In the last article we talked about the main sources of traffic to Your website.

This organic results in search engines is contextual advertising Google targeted advertising in social networks. We will examine how to build a sales funnel for the gallery business now. Sales funnel for different galleries segments  are different. For inexpensive paintings is one technique for hyped authors with a high cost – is quite different. For the simulation, imagine art gallery, which is located in Kiev and work value up $200 to $2.000. They have modern good site, they had a good photography of the paintings and are ready to move to the Internet. The first thing we should do is to create a portrait of the client’s art salon.

For example, Your segment is intelligent people 40-50 old years that is knowledgeable about art and have free means. It can be wealthy people who need a gift. Also it can be the designers or property owners that decorate the interior. Each of these categories different purchase motives and, consequently, they require different approaches. For example, we are interested in wealthy people who need your gift and we will build a funnel for them.

What kind of pains they are experiencing when choosing a gift? It needs to be original, the gift should appeal, it must be within a certain budget, and often need it right now. A picture or other work of art can be a great idea.

Exclusive author’s work, it brings an aesthetic and spiritual delight, a wide range of prices and can fit virtually any budget, and of course it is not necessary to wait, you can get it immediately. To start the funnel using of targeted advertising on the social network facebook and an email. For this purpose we create a gallery page in the social network and the connected advertising account on the site must be connected to the pixel facebook to collect data about site visitors that entered the site from social network.

Next we need to create useful Lead Magnet content  that is a valuable free offer for a potential client that he can obtain in exchange for the performance of a target action. Basically this e-mail or other contacts. In our case it could be a check-list on “how to choose a painting as a gift.”

In it You describe the characteristics of pattern selection, in which cases it is better to give, what to choose for office or for home, what to look for when choosing. Also tell how it is important to pack the gift. It is advisable to disassemble it in the example of Your art gallery, demonstrating Your high standards. All You make out in the form of a PDF file which you send on indicated by e-mail.

In the cockpit of facebook advertising, you set up the target audience parameters. Audiences you can create multiple, for example, men separately, women separately for further analysis, where(in what direction) more effectively invest your advertising budget. Take men 40-60 old years with with tertiary education, with the interests of business, art, painting, fine arts, collectables, living in Kiev. facebook has identified that meets the criteria are 250,000 people.

We include advertising and our lead magnet offering to get our free checklist for choosing a pattern as a gift. Advertising ordered for a small amount, such as $ 50 and look at the impacts. Such companies need to create several. You will change the audience, change images, to analyze what kind of audience or what image works best.

After that, you’ve run the most effective ad an increased budget. Get customers who are ready to buy. Using retargeting (it’s the audience who interacted with you) warm up potential clients with useful content, you also run your mailing list with useful content based on collected e-mail. It can be reviews of exhibitions, information about new arrivals, care tips pictures and much more. It can be reviews of exhibitions, information about new arrivals, care tips pictures and much more. The result of the funnel You will get the interested in choosing a gift representative of the target audience, which has already entered in contact with You personally familiar with You and Your quality standards. All You need to do is be near him at the moment when the painting will be relevant and it has a high probability to pick Your art salon. This is only one of many possible the paintings sales online Their choice depends only your professionalism and creativity.

More the bringing targeted traffic to “Your art gallery”, read in the first part of the article.

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