Targeted advertising

Targeted advertising is a form of online advertising that uses
sophisticated methods and settings for target audience search in accordance with given
parameters, characteristics and interests of users relevant to
specific products or services advertised by the advertiser. These options
settings can be either demographic (oriented to nationality,
economic status, gender, age, education, income and employment),
psychographic (based on the values ​​of the consumer, his personality,
relationships, opinions, lifestyle and interests).


The main example of retargeting, which has earned the reputation of most people, are ads that follow users across the Internet, showing them the same elements that they looked at for
potential purchase. CPC (CPC) retargeting is better than targeting. However, retargeting requires time and a certain amount of traffic.

Targeted advertising has many advantages for both consumers and advertisers:

For consumers

Targeted advertising benefits consumers because advertisers can effectively attract consumers using their shopping and browsing habits, which makes advertising more visible and useful to customers. The presence of advertising that meets the interests of consumers allows you to receive a message directly through effective settings. An example of how the TGB is useful for consumers, if someone sees an advertisement aimed at him for something similar to an object that he previously viewed on the Internet and was interested in him, he is more likely to buy it.

For advertisers

Advertisers benefit from this advertising by lowering the cost of resources and creating more effective advertising, attracting consumers with a strong interest in these products / services. Targeted advertising allows advertisers to reduce the cost of advertising, minimizing the “lost” advertising for non-interested consumers. This advertising attracts the attention of consumers to whom they were directed, which leads to a higher return on investment for the company.

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