Targeted advertising

You need to use our services if:

1. You want to sell your products or services to social media users.

2. You want to exclude non-target audience and spend efforts only on users motivated to buy.

3. You want to be able to scale your result.

4. You have already tried to launch targeted advertising yourself or have had unsuccessful launch experience with other agencies.

5. You want to get guaranteed results.

The tasks that we solve for our clients

Sale of goods and services on the Internet. ᅠ

Brand promotion. ᅠ

Maintaining audience loyalty. ᅠ

If the result is not achieved, we will refund your money.



Why do we consider it possible to refuse payment for our services if we have not achieved the tasks agreed with you?

Over 8 years of working with targeted advertising, we have carried out hundreds of launches in various niches. These were complex B2B products for international markets, election campaigns, investment products, real estate sales in new buildings, promotion of personal brands and a variety of products for the general consumer. Before concluding a contract, we evaluate the tasks set by you, study the product and build a promotion model. We do not undertake work where, in our opinion, it is impossible to achieve a result. If we took the project and did not achieve the result, we do not receive payment for our services. We think this is fair!

Targeted advertising has many benefits for both consumers and advertisers:

Targeted advertising services include:

1.Auditing your accounts or creating new ones.

2.Drawing up a detailed portrait of your target audience and choosing a site for further targeting in social networks.

3.Working on creating an advertising strategy for the brand.

4.Development of ad creatives.

5.Setting up an advertising campaign and integrating applications.

6.Campaign testing and optimization.


8.Drawing up a report on the work done and its subsequent presentation to the client is a mandatory step in every campaign.

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