Сonstruction company website design and sale of real estate online in 2020

The sales market for new buildings is characterized by growing competition and the high cost of attracting customers. Mistakes and negligence in the implementation of the Internet strategy of developers lead to significant losses. We wrote about the marketing strategy for the developer on the Internet in the article “Digital Strategy for Construction Companies in 2020.”, now we will draw your attention to the features that must be taken into account at all stages of the project.

The main task of the Internet promotion of apartments in a new building is to bring and retain the maximum number of potential customers at a minimum price to the sales department. To achieve this goal, at the stage of developing the site and when building a promotion strategy, we answer questions about who our client is, what are the reasons for buying a house, what are the features of the building under construction, its strengths and weaknesses, we are studying competitors.


In the future, we use the obtained data to segment the audience, since one of the key factors is the creation of a personalized offer for each of them. The motives for buying a home are very different: expanding housing, moving to another city, investing free funds. Parents can buy housing for children, and children for parents. When creating creatives for buyers with children, you can focus on the presence of a number of kindergartens and schools; for an older audience, calm and comfort matter.

Understanding who our potential customers are, we divide them into groups and based on the characteristics of the building under construction, we create the necessary creatives for each group.

Let us dwell on the development of a site for the developer. The first thing we want to pay attention to is not to save on the design and usability of the site. Studies show that high-quality website design is one of the key issues in creating a brand image. As a rule, the first touch of the client occurs with your site. And it is very important that this contact is as pleasant and comfortable as possible.

Studies show that first impressions are 94% related to design. Content certainly matters. But even the best content can be ineffective, because, due to poor design, they will not be familiar with it. Studies of user behavior have shown that visual appeal and site navigation have the greatest impact on people’s first impressions of your brand. Less than one second is necessary for the user to form an opinion about the site. Research at Stanford says that 75% of users make judgments about the credibility of a company based on the design of their website.

So in real estate there can be no compromises on website design, customer confidence in the brand is something that needs to be developed along the entire path to the transaction and maintained after it. Usability is the second key point. User convenience is our top priority. Minimum download speed, correct display on all types of devices and browsers. Convenient and intuitive navigation, the correct location of key messages, well-chosen backgrounds and fonts. Trying to call or leave a request should not turn into a “quest”. Investments in design and usability invariably pay off. We will never know how many leads are lost due to poor design or lack of a mobile version of the site. These potential customers, for whom we paid, never call, and don’t say why they didn’t choose our property … they just don’t call and do not leave a request.

Statistics on the use of devices when searching in the Yandex system during June 2019.

buy an apartment in a new building 197 365

desktops – buy an apartment + in a new building 75 282

mobile phones – buy an apartment + in a new building 112 982

tablets – buy an apartment + in a new building 9 101

To increase your income, the site must use the latest trends. The site should be able to integrate with your CRM, maintain omnichannel, as a means to create convenient communication and sales. Facebook and Google pixels must be installed for retargeting and remarketing companies.

Let’s move on to the features of promoting a property on the Internet. ⠀

At the stage of promotion, our task is to launch targeted traffic to the site of the developer. As a traffic source we use:

Search engines

Social networks

Real Estate Aggregator Sites

Thematic and news portals

Each source has its own communication strategy. For example, in search engines we are interested in contextual and media advertising, search for brand queries.

In social networks, this is targeted advertising, designing a business page, working with groups and communities. Aggregator sites are the placement of objects in their databases, as well as media (banner) advertising. Thematic and news portals are used for native and display advertising. Traffic source statistics: (infographics) 65% search engines, 30% social networks, 15% other Internet channels.

The creation of personalized creatives for each group is an essential success criterion. For an audience that invests in real estate, price, payback period and investment security are important. For a young family, this may be the price, credit conditions, proximity to transport communications, the presence of a kindergarten or school. For each group we use different creatives. Almost all groups are interested in: the size of the apartment (footage), cost, benefit (stock), layout. Do not use seals in boxes when creating display ads, this is nice but does not sell. What works best is what is directly related to the buyer, in particular the layout or 3D image of the apartment.

One of the main opportunities for reducing the cost of an application is remarketing and retargeting, competent work can significantly reduce the cost, especially if not lazy. If a potential client has studied one-bedroom apartments on your site, catch up with him and show exactly one-bedroom apartments in advertising. If the developer has several objects that are close in cost, use cross-remarketing, fill in the client’s spaces with his objects, he will study different objects in any case, it is necessary that there be the maximum number of your objects under consideration.

Beat your competitors by creating groups and chats on social networks and instant messengers.

An important part of the company is the sales department, the processing of incoming applications is often not at the level, managers are busy and applications are lost, and the cost of the application is high, a high-quality CRM system is needed that will make it impossible to lose incoming applications. Applications must be 100% processed. Throughout the company, monitor your reputation on the Internet (ORM). Negative reviews must be worked out. Negative information on the Internet can alert or completely alienate a potential customer. It can be distributed by just people who don’t like the noise of the construction site, or by competitors.

When developing a construction company’s site, you need to place on it licenses, permits, contracts for connecting to utility networks and other documents that you can fend off negative from competitors or people who are simply dissatisfied with your activities. Maintaining the brand of your residential complex does not need to end after the conclusion of a sale transaction. According to developers, the Internet ranks first in attracting customers, and second place is taken by the recommendations of those who have already bought a home and recommend you to their friends. Do not forget your customers after the sale, continue communication with them, support your brand and get even more income.

Of course, the best decision is to develop a construction company’s website or a residential complex’s website in a specialized company, which will not only make a modern marketing website, but also can conduct a competent Internet company selling new buildings on the Internet. This will save you time and increase your income.


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