Art sales are growing online, are you with us?

Kosarev Roman

Antique business, like all other areas of activity, is actively moving to the Internet. According to statistics, sales of antiques through online antiques stores and specialized sites are increasing each year, antique auctions sell antiques through online bidding around the world.

Our experience in marketing for more than 25 years and experience in the antique market for more than 15 years allows us to carry out any tasks. We will create a quality antique shop website or antique auction site. Our specialists in digital marketing will be engaged in the promotion of your site, ensuring the influx of new customers, increasing your income.

Our company “SPHERE” was created to provide a comprehensive solution to the issues of promoting the antique business on the Internet.

Why do you need to promote an antique showroom on the Internet?

A few numbers. In the Google search engine, the search query “antique” is used up to 1 million times, “antique shops” up to 100 thousand times in one month. In the Yandex system, in one month, “antiques” were searched 84,667 times, and “antique shops, antique shops” 26,300 times. Every day, around the world, about 50 thousand people look for antiques on the Internet – these are your potential buyers or partners. Almost all transactions in the global antique market to a greater or lesser extent are using digital technology.

Thanks to the site of an antique store or auction site, buyers and dealers from around the world receive information about your items 24 hours a day. Dealers day and night monitor the sites of antiques for new interesting lots. The annual global report of the world’s leading analysts of the art market TEFAF, which is considered the bible of economic trends in the world of art and antiques, showed that in 2015, with a decrease in turnover in the art market by 7%, Internet sales increased.

According to the TEFAF report in 2015, the online sector grew by 7% to $ 4.7 billion. The trend towards digitalization of the antique market and the art market continues. IBIS World analysts say the online antiques sales market will continue to grow. They note that the main factors for building sales are adequate prices, a wide range and the ability to quickly learn new technologies. Hiscox report for 2019 shows a steady increase in online sales in the art market.

The Art Basel and UBS Global Art Market Report: “In 2018, global sales in the online art and antiques market continued to grow, reaching an estimated total of $ 6 billion.”, “Online sales have been a key method to access new buyers” . Statistics show a great interest in websites related to the sale of art and antiques. 300,000 people visit the Skinner auction site every month, while the popular online site is invaluable 2.5 million people.

What can we do for you?

Increase your income! We will increase your status! Discover new opportunities!

How do we do this?

Increase your income! We will increase the number of customers from the Internet. We will develop a modern website for an antique store or antique auction, provide an individual design, a simple and convenient administrative panel, high security, showcase items specifically for the audience of the antique market, integrate with leading antique sales sites, integrate with social networks. We will create a strategy for promoting your business online, conduct advertising campaigns on social networks and search engines, and ensure a flow of buyers from the Internet. An Art Basel & UBS Report 2018: “Online sales have been a key method to access new buyers” !!!

We will increase your status! We will increase brand awareness by ensuring your online presence. We will create a unique site for an antique store, create groups and communities on social networks. Fill with interesting thematic material about antiques and art. The development of your brand will provide an opportunity to attract new buyers and new partners, solve the main problem of online antiques buyers – trust. In a Hiscox report, 88% of those surveyed said that an online seller’s reputation was crucial when deciding to buy antiques online. The brand will provide an opportunity to sell more expensive, increasing profits. We will provide you with customer trust, recognition, credibility.

Discover new opportunities! The introduction of new technologies is the urgent need of your business. Competitors are actively promoting themselves on the Internet. Currently, in addition to a modern site and promotion in social networks, the leaders of the antique market are actively introducing new technologies. “Big data” by analyzing data arrays, studying the behavioral reactions of consumers, companies significantly increase sales, reducing costs. Blockchain technology increases the security of transactions in the antiques and art markets, and reduces transaction costs. “Augmented reality, AR”, thanks to this technology, the consumer can see how he fits into the interior before buying an antiques item, this will help him make a purchasing decision.

“Virtual reality, VR” technology implementation will allow visiting art exhibitions and galleries throughout the world. The client can experience emotions, inspect objects without spending time and money on expensive flights. Surveys show that many online shoppers lack conventional images to make purchasing decisions. The world is rapidly changing, and the antique market is moving along with technological progress. Auction houses and antique shops increase profits and improve service through the development of new technologies. We are ready to be with you on this exciting journey.

Why is it profitable to cooperate with the SPHERE project?

Our marketing experience is over 25 years. Experience in digital marketing for over 7 years. Experience in software development and web development for more than 15 years. Over 15 years of experience in the antiques and art market. Since 2013, we have been conducting a thematic page on the social network Facebook, where we test various promotion methods.

With us you will save time and increase your income. SPHERE is the best digital solutions for the market of antiques and art.


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