Art gallery website is a new opportunities of your business.

Do you have to make money a nicely and develop culture and have a luxury business and provide a stable and high income in business gallery? This article you need!

It is impossible without modern website to imagine a successful art gallery, as the number of art buyers on the Internet is growing steadily. Report Hiscox 2018 shows the constant growth of online sales in the art market. According to bill gates becomes more and more relevant: “If your business is not on the internet, then your business will be out of business.”


For example, popular sites about art have millions of visitors, project Аrtsy are 3,500,000 visitors per month, more than 100,000 a day. Search queries in Google “abstract art” users use up to 1 million per month, “oil painting” of up to 1 million per month. Search queries “paintings for sale” and other similar queries are 100,000.

All those hundreds of thousands are Your potential customers who want to buy paintings or other works of art on the Internet and looking for opportunities to do it.

Because of its internationality objects of art does not require translation, and the art in networks is the so-called art-ideology has no borders, that opens to the gallery owner a huge opportunity.

What needs to be done to ensure that this huge influx of customers not passed by you?

1.Create a website your gallery, which takes into account consumer preferences your customers. You cannot sell art on a template sites! It devalues it!

2. The website needs to be intuitive, to purchase the painting was easy. Website gallery to show the picture as realistic, expectations of our customers must meet purchased the painting.

3. Art gallery online must be associated search and social networks, it will provide a constant stream of new customers. Customized advertising campaigns will allow you to show the world your art.

4. You can use augmented reality to buyer submit a picture in the interior

Now we’ll look step by step at what art gallery website, how to make profitable, how to attract visitors and convert them into customers. You will learn what is a project “Schere” and why it is the best solution if You want to create or expand business in the sale of art. Consider the sequence process when you have an offline gallery and You expect to keep up with global trends.

There are several options:

1. You don’t have a website and you haven’t tried this direction.

2. You have a website, it doesn’t bring profit and You need a selling website that will give real income.

3. You have a website and it generates income. In this case, You do not have to spend time reading this material because You are doing everything right!

We will answer your questions and how to create effective website art gallery, for the rest? How to promote a website gallery online?

What errors you make at the initial stage?

Error No 1. The use of sites are templates! Template sites are not suitable, either technically or by design for sale art. They are unable to present Your exclusive product, as is done, for food or mobile phones, for example. You will see when confronted online with dozens of sites the same design. Certainly it will alienate Your customers and devalue in their eyes Your product. Search engines also see that it is a templated website and affect its results. To make changes  the design or change functionality the template sites is almost impossible or very difficult.

This site has, as a rule, there is no current functionality to a full-fledged marketing work. He will not be able to integrate with search engines and social networks. Often it may not properly display pages as browsers are updated, and, as we said above, to upgrade or reconfigure a website would not be possible. Very often, the template developers put in their implicit or explicit links and Your website starts working for them. Search promotion is difficult, because are learned to recognize the template websites and give preference to unique sites in the search results. The logic of search engines is clear – quality website is in most cases not high quality content, which may not suit the user. Statistics shows that the difference of effort to achieve the same result in search engine optimization for a unique website template and up to 40%.

Advantages of template website to its low cost and it is suitable for an Amateur site does not claim to profit. It can be used for publishing on business cards or in offline advertising. But, if You plan to create a selling website for the gallery, it’s not a good option. You will spend effort and money in the shuffle. The result of this approach is a disappointment in sales on the Internet and stop the project, at a time when Your competitors are actively moving and making good money.

Error No 2. Site development in web studio that is weak that You need. They don’t know the specifics of Your business, who Your customers are, what their motivation is. Yesterday they finished the website for the garage, and now need to sell art. They usually offer to show what sites You like or try to study the niche. High quality, deeply explore the scope of Your activities is practically impossible. For example, our team has experience in marketing 26 years and  culture 15 years, it took more than six months of research to create quality websites for niche culture.

It has dozens of research and stacks of reports about who Your customers are, why they buy art, what they like color, they like the font, what words they use in communication, what image size is optimal, what is the desired layout on the website, what time they visit Your site, what devices and much more. We conducted A-B testing to see what works for users and what needs to change based on the statistics. To undertake such work for an individual site will be very expensive and time consuming. The cost will significantly exceed the cost of developing the website. As a result, the project is not on the tested hypotheses and accurate calculations, and intuitive and generally has a low productivity. Interaction with the web Studio is difficult, as You talk with them on different professional language that often complicates understanding of the tasks and after the tenth alteration You give up and agree with the proposed option.

In any case, it is important to monitor and complete the project exactly as You planned and make only reasonable changes. Raw, not thought-out website will not bring the desired result. And then the frustration and the conviction that art on the Internet, not sold to competitors just lucky. And the reason for success is simple – need a good tool and its correct use. There are is important both factors. This is how the racing. Good driver and a bad car or a bad driver and a good car will not show a good result.

To succeed you need a good car and a good driver. Because of these problems in the implementation of Internet projects and was the project “Sphere”, where the basis for the development of sites and their further progress is a thorough knowledge and study of the business processes of the gallery business, vision and target audiences. “Sphere” are marketers and business analysts, designers and developers, because we provide maximum results.

Now let us examine the technical features that You must implement on Your website:

1. The website needs to be adaptive to different devices and extensions screen. According to statistics, 70% of website traffic comes from mobile devices. But 70% of sales are on desktops, with people watching on mobile, but the decision on purchase are taken sitting at a computer. From 21 may 2015, adaptability has become a mandatory rule engines such as Google to participate in the search ranking 

2. Must be prescribed the security certificate. This affects search results.

3. Must be connected “pixel” Facebook and Google remarketing code to work effectively the visitors.

4. Must be download speed no more than 4 seconds. The bounce from idle when you increase load time of the website from 3 seconds to 7 seconds can increase up to 300%. That is, of the three potential clients have clicked on Your link, only one person, wait for the page to load.

5. Thoughtful design and functionality. This is what will make website attractive and convenient for the customer.

All these factors must be taken into account and a compromise can lead to failure the project.

So, web promotion.

You have a modern art gallery website and technically well-executed with all the necessary for the promotion functionality. What’s next?

First. You need to understand that the work is just beginning, and for it to be effective website is necessary for him to run targeted traffic. This visitors flow that is then converted to the purchase of paintings and other art works. We omit nuances work gallery that you must know how a professional gallerist, various factors of seasonality, especially the range and so on. 

We will focus on digital techniques to promote Your art gallery. So, our task is to direct the website visitors who are our target audience. To understand how this works , consider this example. From 100 visitors who found You via the search query “Buy painting in Kiev” from 2 to 10% should turn into Your customers. The figures are very conditional, because it depends on the adequacy of the product and the price or price range and other.

If the product is elite and worth $10.000 and above – you can’t count such a conversion, but low conversion in this case should be compensated by high margins.

There are three main methods the attracting traffic.

The first is the organic results in search engines.

This is the best and cheapest kind of traffic, but to get it you have to work SEO (search engine optimization). The drawback of this method is the speed. The SEO result, you will see not earlier than in half a year, and most likely need about a year to take the website Your picture gallery in search TOP 

The traffic second source is PPC advertising in Google.

This ad will appear on the first page of a search engine with certain queries that you specify. Payment is made in case of transfer potential clients to Your website gallery. In this case, the orders may come just as soon as the buyer currently wants to buy painting and looking for the opportunity to do so. Recall that the search number queries “buy painting” in an average month in Yandex and Google more than 300,000. All your potential customers.

The traffic third source  is social networks. 

The gives a quick sales, as users in the social. the networks are not intentionally looking for Your product. In SOC. networks, the emphasis should be on usefulness, create interesting content, create groups and increase the number of subscribers. As a result, You will get potential customers from Your target audience loyal to You and, if necessary or desired, to purchase a painting, they will consider You as a qualified reliable vendor with whom you already have established communication. 

When you run an art gallery in internet it is necessary to combine these three sources. At first, traffic will give contextual advertising. Following the flow of customers will go to your website from social networking with targeted advertising and go in later organic traffic from search engines. At all stages it is important to correctly organize and balance all the processes running advertising campaign and evaluating their effectiveness.

To prioritize and build the sales funnel. It is important to use email marketing to increase traffic to the site, but we believe that it should be used as an auxiliary form of marketing, combining it with the main.

Well, it is necessary to conduct a competitor analysis. Their sources of traffic, their keywords, their functions and implement the most effective solutions. Above all this you need to work hard in order to get the result.

The best solution for running art galleries on the Internet this cooperation with our project “Sphere”.

We will do work BETTER, FASTER and CHEAPER than other developers, and marketers! We’re on the same wavelength and are very much interested Yours success.

The next article talk  The sales funnel for art gallerywe will examine step by step how to create a funnel for sales, what tools and ideas you can use to make Your business profitable and comfortable. Read our article or our video and remember!!! “The future there will be two kinds of companies: those who are online and those who went out of business.”


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