It is never too late to be what you might have been

George Eliot

This article is for professionals who want to increase their income, influence and popularity!

Becky Lee

Developing a personal brand is the best investment for a politician, businessman, coach, fitness coach, blogger or artist. For all these areas of activity, creating and promoting a personality brand is a new opportunity and an increase in income. People-brands surround us everywhere: they are business representatives, musicians, sportsmen, actors and TV presenters. Their influence can hardly be overestimated, they shape public opinion and trends, can stimulate consumption of goods and successfully promote their business. A vivid example of this is the Chinese blogger Becky Li, who sold 100 Mini Cooper cars through the WeChat messenger. It took her five minutes to make sales of $4.2 million. The famous business trainer Tony Robbins gathers thousands of stadiums for training, his site is visited by 1.5 million users monthly. People spend a lot of money for their involvement in the brand and this gives unique opportunities for professionals in their business.    

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In the world around us, brands are almost everything. Often, we do not buy food, clothing, car or phone, we acquire the brand and status. In a world where brands are whole countries, government institutions, celebrations and geographical locations, people’s brands play key roles. 

A personal brand is when you are recommended by those who have not been your client. It is the image that people form when they hear your name. For example, Steve Jobs, Ilon Mask, Stephen King and so on. You already have a certain impression about all these people. A personal brand is made up of two components: reputation and reach. That is, what they say about you and how often. If you are a professional in your field of activity and have a reputation, you need to increase the number of people who know you as an expert in their field, just in this case we can help you.

We will highlight your strengths and share information about you with millions of users on the Internet, so you can create your own personal brand. A personal brand can work not only for you, but also for your company. Companies, whose leaders were able to “build” a personal brand, are always one step ahead of their competitors: the cost of their services and demand is much higher than the representatives of similar companies.

The view that a personal brand is only needed by public people is misleading. People prefer to buy services or products from individuals, which is why faceless companies sink quickly into the whirlpool of competition. Trust and expertise are things that people actually pay for. When we need the help of a doctor and have the means, we choose a doctor we trust and have no doubt in his expertise. In this case, the doctor’s personal brand works not only for him, but for the clinic as a whole. One brand becomes a part of another brand. If the vectors of the brands coincide, you get the effect of synergy, which will ensure the success of your company.

What should you do if you decide to form a personal brand?

To begin with, think about what image you would like to create for others? But remember that a brand is not a mask that you will wear every day when you go out into society, the personal brands built in this way are very unreliable and short-lived. A personal brand is a set of your “polished” and presented in the right perspective qualities.  

It’s important to remember that you can’t be the best at what you don’t like. Remember the biography of any of the brand personalities: all of them were completely devoted to their idea and believed in it to the end.


1.Identify your audience! Who will be interested in your ideas, products and services? Who are these people, how old are they, what are their values – you have to answer all these questions honestly. This is an important part of the job, because the right audience choice is a key factor in promoting the personality brand. Politicians’ discussions about “social justice” or “caring for the poor” are unlikely to be accepted by a wealthy group, and the phrase “liberal values” will not attract the attention of ordinary people.

2.Once you have fully defined your image and audience, start working on two aspects of your personal brand – reputation and reach. Create pages on social networks or edit those that already exist, be active online, provide only quality and useful content. Start writing if you have something to say. And let it be a Facebook post first, as long as you interest your audience. Don’t neglect the opportunities to make yourself known to the world: speak at conferences and forums, write articles for industry magazines, meet and communicate with new people.

Unfortunately, we are often discouraged and criticized on the road to success. Just remember that only those who do not do anything are not criticized. Listen to constructive criticism, don’t be afraid to make mistakes, ignore those who say you won’t succeed.

3.You have to be credible. Be a trustworthy personal brand, not just its owner. When interacting with people, be faithful to yourself, stay real. Except you, no one will take care of it. You need not only to be clearly aware of your image, but also to fit it. Always and in everything. If you are a fitness trainer and promote a healthy lifestyle, and in life you are the opposite of this way of life, in time your image will melt, followers and income will disappear.

Of course, the best way to promote your personal brand is to use the services of professionals, but you can also achieve results if you approach this process competently and responsibly.

For whom it is necessary to create and develop a brand of personality?

1.Politicians are the sphere of politics, a vivid example of the market of people-brands, here it is required not only competition of political ideas, but also struggle of personalities. It is necessary to become convincing, bright and consistent, to fulfill the promises of the program. Our experience, individual approach and modern technologies we offer will help you to become a popular and successful politician. The trend to promote politicians on the Internet is no longer in doubt, there are vivid examples of successful strategies, such as the U.S. presidential election in 2017 and the presidential election in Ukraine in 2019.

2.Infobusinessmen is a trend to increase this niche year by year. The number of business coaches and coaches is growing, but competition is also growing. It is possible to solve the issues of competition and income increase by promoting your own personal brand. It is for the brand that people are willing to pay huge sums of money. For example, the four-day Tony Robbins seminar “Unlock your hidden potential” in London in April 2019 cost up to $2,500, and the cost of Tony’s personal coaching was $1,000,000.

In fact, a personality brand is needed in almost all spheres, it increases the income of a doctor, artist, sportsman, lawyer or entrepreneur. Development of a personal brand – must have in the modern world. This not only helps you to build a competitive business and earn money, but also makes you a strong and interesting person who is subject to any obstacles to success.

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