By the end of 2020, total online store sales worldwide are projected to reach $ 2 trillion. The average age of an online shopper in the world is 25 years. Shopping is the fastest growing online activity of modern Internet users.

It is beneficial to everyone !!!

This is beneficial to everyone !!! Get a rental online store for rent, save time and money !!!

In the process of cooperation with our customers, we revealed one big pain. Limited resources at the stage of launching new online stores. On average, the budget to launch a small online store is allocated in the amount of 3000-5000 dollars.

As a result, the customer is faced with the choice to save on the site and buy not the best tool, and spend the rest of the budget on filling and promotion or ordering a quality store that will successfully compete in the market, but there is little money left for its promotion. The situation looks something like this, you participate in the race and choose to invest in an excellent racing car, but without fuel or a wreck, but with fuel.

The result of this choice is obvious; you have practically no chance of winning. Your site is your race car, the fuel for your project is the flow of traffic to your site. Attracting potential customers to your site will have to pay and it does not matter what it will be, SEO, SMM or PPC. Since the problem turned out to be systemic, we found a solution that is beneficial to everyone!


You will have the opportunity at the start to save up to 90% of the cost of the store and put them on promotion. We get a permanent partner on whose stability our stability will depend.

We are most interested in your success. We are ready to support you not only as developers, but will also provide, if necessary, a full range of services to promote your store. We also provide maximum freedom of choice, you can refuse the store in case of failure, or you can redeem it to yourself in your full possession if you wish. In our opinion, this is the best solution if the budget is limited.

From our experience, the main reason for unsuccessful launches is a lack of resources. And we are ready to rid you of this risk. You will get a quality store, while saving time and money !!!

Contact us, we have better, faster and cheaper!


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