Contextual advertising

You need to use our services if:

1. You want to sell your products or services on the Internet.

2. You want to get fast results at optimal cost.

3. You want to reach your target audience exactly.

4. You only want to pay for the result.

5. You want to scale successful companies.

6.You have already tried to launch contextual advertising yourself or have had unsuccessful experience of launching with other agencies.

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The tasks that we solve for our clients:

1. Sale of goods and services on the Internet.

2. Promotion of the brand.

3. Maintaining audience loyalty.

Contextual advertising services include:

1.Analysis of the client’s activities and site audit

2. Hypersegmentation of traffic

3. Development of key queries

4. Development of ad creatives.

5. Set up remarketing scenarios to bring users back to the site at different levels of the sales funnel

6.Scaling of effective directions of the RK based on the identified growth points

7.Detailed analytics of results

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