Contextual advertising

Contextual advertising is text ads that are shown to users upon request if the advertiser has added these requests to the settings of an advertising campaign. Ads are shown to the user exactly at the moment when he himself has shown interest in a product or service and is possibly ready to purchase. Contextual advertising is search and thematic.

What does contextual advertising look like?

A contextual ad consists of a headline, text, a link (the landing page the user will be taken to when he clicks on the ad), and additional elements.

The benefits of contextual advertising

Google is the search engine that 70 percent of Ukrainians view. And among such a huge audience you will clearly find your client

Google Adwords is the most powerful and flexible system with lots of opportunities for selling on the Internet. With the right approach, with the help of context, you can squeeze maximum sales

Proper setup and reasonable optimization can reduce advertising costs in the process of maintaining

Why is it worth ordering Adwords contextual advertising with us?

Our company works closely with Google and has all the certificates. We are fluent in all of Google’s tools. We also cooperate with many well-known brands, therefore we have a complete understanding of the market structure and its main tasks.

Why Google AdWords? Because they help in all endeavors: to increase the turnover of your company, to connect new customers. Clients will see advertising in a timely manner, that is, exactly when people are looking for certain goods or services offered by you. An ad can cover any territory that you need: in certain cities, areas, regions, countries, and even within a given radius from your store. And most importantly, in Google Adwords you have the opportunity to independently manage the campaign, if for some reason you do not want to contact specialists. Registration in the system is free, and you only pay for clicks.

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