Business analytics

“We have a problem – the traffic to the site is reduced,” says the entrepreneur to business analytics. In fact, this is not a problem, but a consequence. The problem needs to be identified, or better yet, prevented from occurring. Most of the problems that can arise can be avoided through the business analysis of your project. A business analyst specializing in your niche, already at the stage of preparing the technical task, will draw your attention to possible errors and risks, identify your needs and help them correctly formulate for developers.

What the business analysis process looks like.

You describe the idea and business model. The relevant analyst is studying your vision. Compares with his experience the launch of such projects. It analyzes on the basis of knowledge about the situation on the market, about competitors, features of the legislation, about mechanisms for implementing and promoting the project. Gives a package of recommendations that will help your project get started and develop.

The advantage of using business intelligence.

  • Significant reduction in the risk of project failure. You will clearly know your market positioning, promotion mechanisms and scalability. Predict the necessary budget for the implementation of the various life cycles of your project.
  • Reducing the cost of development and promotion can reach 300%. You will know what functionality needs to be done, and what can be left for later. How to reasonably plan your development budget using the launch of MVP (minimum viable product).
  • Reduce development time by up to 200%. Understanding the necessary functionality and a comprehensive vision of the finished product, allows you to choose the best technology for your project.

Why is it worth to order business analytics services from us?

Business analysis in our company is carried out by a team of specialists with practical experience of more than 27 years. During this time, dozens of successful offline and online projects were launched. Understanding the features of product development and its further promotion allows you to avoid mistakes that can destroy your business. Using their experience and knowledge, you will significantly increase the chances of success of the project, save time and money. If you are an entrepreneur, burn with an idea and are ready to take risks, we are ready to reduce these risks to a minimum and make your project as effective as possible.

Our business domains are e-commerce, real estate, antiques and art, corporate brands and personality brands.

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